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Our passion for floral artistry is evident in every arrangement we create. From enchanting centerpieces to captivating bouquets, our designs are meticulously crafted to complement your event's theme, style, and ambiance. We understand that each occasion is unique, and we work closely with you to ensure our floral creations perfectly align with your vision.

At The Jungle Design, we take the time to get to know you and your event's requirements. Our team will listen to your preferences, understand your color palettes, and collaborate with you to design bespoke floral arrangements that leave a lasting impression on your guests.

  • Centerpieces

  • Bouquets

  • Aisle Decor

  • Archs

  • ​​Corporate Events

  • Gala and Fundraisers

  • Hotel Lobby Decor

  • Restaurant Table Decor

  • Recurring Home Decor

  • Corporate Gifting

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And Many More

Our Floral Design Services Include:

  • Stunning Centerpieces: Elevate your event's tables with enchanting floral centerpieces that create a mesmerizing focal point for your guests to admire.

  • Beautiful Bouquets: From bridal bouquets to bridesmaid bouquets, we'll design stunning floral arrangements that complement your attire and accentuate your beauty.

  • Striking Floral Installations: Create a captivating backdrop or focal point with our breathtaking floral installations, perfect for photo opportunities and setting the ambiance.

  • Grand Entrance Arrangements: Make a statement from the moment your guests arrive with grand entrance floral designs that leave a lasting first impression.

  • Corsages and Boutonnieres: Our delicate and elegant corsages and boutonnieres are the perfect finishing touch for your wedding party.

  • Custom Floral Decor: From arches and chuppahs to floral walls and aisle runners, we can transform any space with our custom floral decor.

Creating Floral Magic for Unforgettable Events:

Our passion for floral artistry, attention to detail, and dedication to exceeding expectations make The Jungle Design the premier choice for event floral design. Whether you're celebrating an intimate affair or hosting a grand event, we'll turn your vision into a stunning reality, leaving you and your guests in awe.

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