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Transformative Floral Design for Unforgettable Events

Unleash the Tropics at Your Event with The Jungle Design

Elevate your events with the artistry of The Jungle Design’s floral arrangements, where creativity meets the vibrant essence of the tropics. Specializing in large-scale, bespoke floral designs, our work is not about single bouquets; it's about creating immersive experiences that captivate and enchant.

Bold, Creative, Unparalleled

Our floral designs are an ode to imagination. Each installation is crafted to be as unique as the event it graces—be it corporate galas, expansive exhibitions, or high-profile brand launches. The Jungle Design is synonymous with innovation, bringing a touch of tropical luxe to every venue.

Spectacular Photo Backdrops

Elevate your social media presence with our stunning tropical floral backdrops, designed to be the highlight of any event. Perfect for photo ops, our backdrops are crafted to create visually captivating scenes that guests will be eager to share, making your event instantly Instagrammable.

Canva logo - past collaborator with The Jungle Design for creative event plant decor.
ESPN client logo - collaborated with The Jungle Design for event decor.
Billboard Music official logo from our portfolio of event plant styling at The Jungle Design.
Walmart corporate logo - retail event featuring The Jungle Design plant services.
Paramount Pictures corporate logo, featured client of The Jungle Design’s plant rental services.
ASUS brand logo - technology event client of The Jungle Design plant rentals.
Tory Burch company logo - luxury fashion event styled by The Jungle Design.
Logo of Red Bull, past client of The Jungle Design for event plant rentals.
Benetti Yachts logo - superyacht event decorated with plants from The Jungle Design.
Puma brand logo, partner in The Jungle Design’s event decoration projects.


Lafayette 148 New York logo - high-end fashion brand event partner with The Jungle Design.
IWC Schaffhausen logo - premium event plant hire client of The Jungle Design.
Sam Edelman logo - fashion event plant styling by The Jungle Design.
Margaritaville Cruise logo - cruise line events featuring The Jungle Design’s plant rentals.
Burgess Yachts logo - luxury yacht events outfitted by The Jungle Design.
CL Yachts logo - marine event client of The Jungle Design’s luxury plant arrangements.
Brand Atlantic logo - corporate event client for The Jungle Design plant services.
Old Spice logo - promotional event featuring plant designs by The Jungle Design.
Moonpay logo - fintech event adorned with custom plant decor from The Jungle Design.
Patrón Spirits Company logo, a satisfied client of The Jungle Design’s plant hire services.
DR logo.jpeg

And Many More

XO Jets logo - private jet company events with luxury plant hire by The Jungle Design.
Cushman & Wakefield logo - corporate real estate events decorated by The Jungle Design.
Azimut Yachts logo - maritime events showcasing The Jungle Design’s botanical arrangements.
IYC (International Yacht Company) logo - yacht brokerage events styled by The Jungle Design.
Tri-Rail logo - public transportation events enhanced with The Jungle Design’s plants.
Curaleaf logo - cannabis industry event featuring The Jungle Design’s plant styling.
Miami Beach City seal logo

Start Creating

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Large-Scale Floral Artistry

​We think big. Grand entrances, feature centerpieces, full-room transformations, and Instagram-worthy photo backdrops are our specialties. Our team excels in conceptualizing and executing floral designs that become the talking point of any event. From lush palm fronds to exotic blooms, our tropical themes are bold, fresh, and always on trend.

Tailored to Your Vision

Your event's theme and your brand’s identity are intricately woven into our design process. The Jungle Design is not just a service but a collaborative partner in bringing your vision to life. We listen, we craft, and we deliver floral masterpieces that embody the essence of your event.

Award-Winning Creations: Recognized as leaders in event floral design, with a track record of excellence.

  • Large-Scale Capabilities: No project is too vast, no vision too ambitious—we're equipped for the grand scale.

  • Creative Tropical Themes: Our designs stand out with a rich palette of tropical flora that transform spaces.

  • Sustainable Practices: Committed to beauty and the environment with sustainable floral design choices.

Invite the vibrant, lush aesthetics of the tropics to your next event with The Jungle Design—where floral design is reimagined for impact, elegance, and unforgettable photo moments.

Why The Jungle Design?

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