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Plant Design for Vessels


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What to expect



We will come out and assess your environment along with the desired goal


Based on our consultation we will create a design for you that would best fit your space and lifestyle.


Once the design is approved we will source all of the plants and products and schedule a install day.

"I couldn't be happier with the interior plant design service provided by this company. They truly transformed my office space...Their high-end, professional approach was evident in every aspect of the project, from the initial consultation to the final installation."


"Your vessel is going to look incredible with the addition of our plant designs. To start, we conduct an assessment of your environment to determine the perfect plant options that will thrive in your unique space. Our goal is to help you create a sustainable and visually appealing environment that will also make you feel great. We take the time to get to know you and your vessel, ensuring that we choose the right plants that suit your specific needs. Our team of experts is available year-round to answer any questions you may have. We work collaboratively to ensure that you receive plants that not only look beautiful but also thrive in your maritime environment."


"Our carefully curated plant designs are the perfect addition to any yacht, vessel, or boat. Our team will work with you to create a design that fits seamlessly into your space, taking into account your unique style and environment. We start by selecting the ideal plants for your needs and then pair them with planters that complement their beauty. Once we've created a stunning design, we present you with options to choose from. If you need guidance or advice, we're happy to assist you throughout the process. We can also customize the design to meet your specific preferences. Once finalized, we'll meticulously plan the installation to ensure everything is perfect before bringing it on board your vessel."


"The initial installation is always the most crucial step in transforming your yacht, vessel or boat into a thriving garden space. During this process, we prioritize creating a safe and clean environment for your plants to ensure a smooth transition to full bloom. Our team uses drop cloths while installing the plants to ensure that any debris created is collected and disposed of safely. Additionally, we wear shoe coverings to protect your floors from any potential damage. You can trust us to make the installation process stress-free and worry-free, leaving you with a beautiful plant-filled space on your vessel."


Choosing the right plants for your boat is important for several reasons. Firstly, boats are often exposed to harsh marine environments, including saltwater, sun, wind, and limited space. Therefore, plants that are salt-tolerant and able to withstand such conditions are crucial for their survival.

Secondly, having plants on your yacht can provide numerous benefits, including improving air quality, reducing noise, and creating a more pleasant and welcoming environment. However, it is essential to choose plants that are appropriate for the limited space and conditions of your boat. For example, plants that grow too large or require a lot of maintenance may not be suitable for a boat.

Lastly, using any plant on your boat without proper research can be risky and even illegal. Some plants are invasive species and can cause damage to the local ecosystem if they escape into the water. It is crucial to choose plants that are safe and legal to use on your boat and to dispose of them properly when necessary.

Overall, choosing the right plants for your boat requires careful consideration of their salt tolerance, size, maintenance requirements, and legality. With the right plants, you can create a beautiful and beneficial environment on your boat while minimizing any negative impact on the surrounding ecosystem.


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