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Interior plant design is the selection and placement of plants indoors. Our designers assess your space and hand-pick the highest quality houseplants personally tailored to suit your environment and desired maintenance level.  Adding an element of sophistication and beauty, houseplants also provide feelings of pleasure, calm, relief from attention fatigue, and create a restorative environment.


What Is Interior Plant Design?


Ready to liven up your space?! First things first, consultation. This will help us assess your environment to ensure the best possible plant options for YOU. We always want our customers to be a part of the design process; whether that be choosing the specific size, color, or desired maintenance level. We will make sure that you not only get beautiful-looking plants but also plants that are going to thrive. Virtual consultations are available upon request.

Picking Plants.

Based on the consultation, we meticulously handpick the best possible plants for your specific environment. We thrive on finding the most unique plants that you won't find at your local nursery or big box stores. With all the different foliage plants/aroids we can match any style and vibe. 

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Finding Planters.

Now that we have plants, it's time to choose the pots. Picking the proper vessel is a vastly underrated part of the process. Choosing not only aesthetically pleasing pots, but also functional as well. Certain plants will thrive in porous clay pots, while others will do best in plastic or ceramic pots. We are here to help guide you through this process of ensuring your houseplants can live as happily as possible. 


And now comes the main event, watching it all come together. Should you chose the installation package, your plants will arrive potted with fresh soil, fertilized in their vessels. All of your new houseplants will be placed for you to create your own urban jungle!  


Your jungle looks amazing and all your dreams have come true but how do you keep it all looking beautiful and lush? Don't worry we got you! We offer various maintenance plans from a once-a-month program to weekly programs. Plant replacement plans are also available!

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Design Packages  


Tier 1- Free in-store consultation. Selection of houseplants in store. Cost of houseplants. Does not include design, delivery, placement, pots, or potting service. Estimated time-1hr-1day. An appointment is required please call ahead. 


Tier 2 - In-home or business consultation. Includes design plan starting at $149.99, delivery, and placement plus the cost of plants. Does not include pots or potting services. Estimated time to complete 3-10 days. Appointment required. Maintenance is not included.


Tier 3 - In-home/business consultation. The full package includes a design plan, delivery, potting service, and pots. Min. $2k. Estimated time to complete 7-14 days. Appointment required. Maintenance is not included.


**Please have a budget in mind. There are many variables that need to be considered.

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