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Artificial Plant Design

Our artificial plant designs are perfect for the homeowner that is not around enough to care for a real plant, or the design professional who needs a plant that will fill a room in an instant, with no maintenance or replacing. These plants are realistic and look exactly like real plants - right down to their leafy branches and incredibly detailed flowers.

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Plants where they shouldn't be.

Transform your living space with artificial plants that look and feel so lifelike, you'll think they are real. Have a dark corner? No problem. No windows? No problem. You can use artificial plants in any way shape or form. Defy the laws of nature and get your greenery where you normally wouldn't be able to.  Great for offices with no windows, hallways, ceilings and everything in between.

No care needed.

Artificial Plants are the perfect solution when it is impossible to have a real plant due to its location or condition. Also, artificial plants are great for people who travel frequently because they are maintenance free and last forever! They can stand up to drought, UV exposure and even heat. There is a solution for all.

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Unlimited designs.

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Bring a little nature into your home or office. Artificial Plant Design offers a wide variety of artificial plants and greenery to spruce up your space. Artificial Plant walls are always a show stopper. With no limit to the design, you can cover your ceiling or bring life to any room. Artificial plants can dramatically change the look and feel of your space. There is no limit to what you can create, whether its a mix of styles, colour palettes or materials. Our designers are here for guidance, so don’t hesitate to contact us. You can even mix real plants with fake plants and you will really throw off your guests or clients.


There is none!


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